Gardening, landscaping & aquatics with over 20 years experience


Garden maintenance

From a quick tidy up to regular visits and advice, our team will get your garden looking beautiful – and keep it looking that way too. Our garden maintenance services include:

✔️ Weeding
✔️ Tidying
✔️ Pruning
✔️ Pond cleaning and upkeep
✔️ Green waste disposal
✔️ Hedge cutting

Soft & hard landscaping

We can help your garden reach its full potential, through soft and hard landscaping – or a mixture of both. We offer the following landscaping services:

✔️ Creating flower beds
✔️ Garden re-design and planting schemes
✔️ Turfing
✔️ Patios and paving
✔️ Fencing
✔️ Pergolas and arches
✔️ Raised beds
✔️ Ponds and water features

Ponds & water features

Our team can help bring your vision to life, with expertise in the design, construction, and maintenance of ponds and water features of any size and style, from a dainty fountain suitable for small gardens to large-scale showstoppers that are sure to impress.

✔️ Design and construction
✔️ Cleaning, maintenance and repairs
✔️ Added filtration
✔️ Planting schemes

Floramour products

Our compost is locally sourced and will bring a range of benefits to your garden and plants, promoting growth, helping to condition soil, and replacing the nutrients lost over time:

✔️ John Innes 3
✔️ Peat free multi-purpose (PAS100)
✔️ Mushroom compost
✔️ Wood chip

We also sell a completely natural and organic seaweed fertiliser is perfect for all types of plants and can be mixed with water as a feed, or added to a spray bottle for foliage application.

We offer free local delivery to Gillingham, Shaftesbury, and surrounding areas. Just get in touch and our team will drop your order directly to your door.